October is Art Month

To celebrate National Arts and Humanities Month, we have lots going on at the Gallery. First, there is our annual Stanly Arts Guild Member Show. Entries this year range from classic art presentations to creations made from or with Whitman Sample Boxes to furniture to art on tin!


The art show will be on display through October, so come down and check it out – along with all the other art we have throughout the gallery.


We are also celebrating Art Month with a treat!

Various Guild artists have artistically decorated or modified Whitman Sampler boxes. Some are more traditional and some look nothing like the original box. These will be auctioned off to raise money that will help the guild support its of mission of connecting local artists to people in the community.


More info on the auction can be found on our Facebook page.

Click here for photos of all the boxes and a description of the auction.

Click here for a video that shows the boxes and describes the artist and their motivation behind their unique interpretations.

Of course the boxes are at the gallery for your viewing pleasure. A few are shown here.


So stop by Falling Rivers Gallery and celebrate Art Month!

Art Makes You Feel Good

While philosophers debate the contribution of art to life and critics debate good versus bad art, we regular folks know that we like what we like – good art makes us feel good. And when we buy art, we know we are adding something special and fun to our everyday life.

Find Yourself in a Coffee Mug

coffee-mugs-at-falling-rivers-gallerySomething as simple as our daily coffee mug can cheer us up if it is special to us. The size, the shape, the color, and the style – when rendered artistically – will make our morning a bit brighter.

Bling Out Your Home

Fused Glass Trays at Falling Rivers GalleryThink of jewelry for your home – a sparkling glass bowl, a sun-catching piece of stained glass, or a shiny piece of pottery. They make your home a happier place and make the people in it happier as well.

Get Your Walls to Make You Smile

morrow-mountain-splendor-at-falling-rivers-galleryEvery house has walls, but yours can be special by decorating them with art that connects with your life – your memories, your interests, your hobbies, or your imagination. Every time you turn a corner you have the opportunity to smile at the art looking back at you. Why not take advantage of it?

Accessorize with Art

Silk Scarves at Falling Rivers GalleryWire Bracelets at Falling Rivers Gallery

What you wear should make you feel good as well. Not because you paid a lot for it, but because it complements your style and personality. Nothing can be uniquely you as much as handmade jewelry, hand-painted scarves, and similar accessories.

Find Yourself in the Gallery

Falling Rivers Gallery Interior 4Stop by our gallery today and find yourself. Find out what artistic pieces you connect with and imagine adding them to your daily routine. See how much better a little art will make you feel.